Nights on Olympus

Spring 1227

Tribunal occurred. The magi traveled to the Isle of Delos. They made some overtures to the magi of Aegaea about possibly selling them the Golden fleece. A price was not negotiated but there was definite interest. Elytis was given leads on some places where his parens had spent time in order to catalog the items that are missing from his effects. He also expressed interest in acquiring a wolf familiar from Coeris.

Elytis also arranged a deal to teach the apprentice of Tisiphon of Hedyosmos corpus in the fall for 7 pawns of vis.

Delios made a sacrifice to Dionysious at his ruined temple after speaking with the guardians of Apollo.

The issue of Vis poaching from the tribunal was brought up. Several members of the covenant agreed to help investigate the source of the poaching. It was believed that someone from within the Levant tribunal has been stealing close to a queen of vis over the last few years.

Ismael the undying was hired by Moreo’s Garden to cause trouble in Constantinople by assassinating various mundane rulers. He was sanctioned but not executed.

Settling In

It was good to pick up the game again. It was initially rough as everyone tried to remember various details. Some were smoothed over. Others involved NPC name changes on the fly to avoid further confusion.

Summer 1220 Addendum:

Letters were sent far and wide offering to trade vis for books. Niko swore he would get the message out to all the redcaps.

Autumn 1220

The magi were called together by Demetrios to discuss the fact that they were nearly out of silver. He asked permission from the magi to pursue some endeavors that could result in some income for the covenant. Permission was given after some cursory questioning. It was also decided that the covenant should assert “lordly possession” of the nearby fishing village. Delios and Petros were nominated to head to the village to make the proper arrangements.

Upon arrival the pair of magi was informed that the village leader was Isaac, but he was out fishing. In his stead they could talk to his son, Joannes. Petros spoke to him and requested that he send his father to the covenant at his earliest convenience. Delios, spent her time flirting with the boy and making sure he had a “friendly” attitude towards her. Joannes was more then a bit smitten with her by the time she left. And the fresh breeze that remained after she left cemented those thoughts in his head.

A few days later Isaac arrived at the covenant and agreed to the arrangement of the magi being liege lords over the village. An appropriate tithe of 10% of the catch was arranged. In addition it was agreed that the magi would help in the education and instruction of Joannes.

After a fire at one of the local farms that killed the family inside, except for the young son who was rescued by one of the grogs, the covenant cook adopted the boy and he was put to wrok caring for the new found goats and sheep.

Winter 1220

The magi met to discuss their vis stores, to grant a season of service to Petros for learning Aegis of the Hearth, and to decide when they should cast it. It was decided that the covenant would act as a 6th magi for the purposes of vis distribution. In addition, 20 pawns of vim and 5 pawns of rego would be set aside as emergency Aegis vis.

Spring 1221

Vis was distributed. A hue and cry was raised by the guards when a wagon arrived with an unconscious friar inside. After short investigation it appeared that brigands had robbed and beaten him. While to cook attended to his needs, Petros and 2 of the grogs set out to roust the villagers about the friar and possible brigands. After laying a great deal of intimidation onto a few of the lads of the village, Petros was rewarded with information about a possible smuggling hidey hole to the east. He and the men set out. Upon discovering the cave, Petros ordered the men to stay hidden and safe. Then he strode confidently towards the cave. A warning shot greeted him in the arm. After a short conversation shouted between him and the apparent brigands, Petros gathered his grogs and went back to the covenant.

The cook removed the arrow from his arm and the magi discussed the pros and cons of brigandry. After heated debate, they decided they should protect their people from brigands, but since they were getting a cut from the brigands work, they needed to find another means of earning silver. The course of action selected was to attempt to recruit the brigands as grogs, and to find a pirate they could work with. The reasoning being that being a privateer was good, being a brigand was bad.

Retro Restart

The second game occurred. And then a year passed. In the process of getting ready for the first game in a year I have been compiling from both my notes and the notes of the players, what had happened in the previous game. Here is what I have pieced together.

The game itself spans the seasons of spring and summer of 1220.

Spring 1220:

The magi set out to investigate the surroundings of their covenant. While doing so they stumbled upon a bronze giant that apparently circles the island and defends it from invaders. His name is Talos.

The spring lab activities were listed in the previous post.

Summer 1220:

Continuing to investigate the island of Crete, the magi set out to explore the Gorge of Apollon. They traveled deep into the heart of the gorge where they found a locked iron gate that was guarded by archers. The archers spoke an archaic form of Greek that was difficult to understand. But after much negotiation, the magi were allowed to pass through the gate and proceed on to a village. The village itself was within a faerie aura. And the magi noted that some of the items within the village could be used for vis. They negotiated with the village elders and were able to exchange fish and fruit for arrowheads and flowers that can be used for perdo and aurum vis.

A few weeks after they returned from their expedition to the gorge, the covenant was visited by a redcap. He brought several bits of mail for the magi.
1: A package for Elytus that contained items that once belonged to his parens.
2: A letter to all the Magi from Moero’s Garden. This letter requested aid in retaking Constantinople in the form of vis or silver.

A response letter was drafted thanking them for their kind words and expressing support for their cause. But since Filii Jovis was a new covenant with scant resources, they are unable to provide material support at this time.

Summer 1220 Lab Activities:

Tiresias: Started setting up his lab
Delios: Finished setting up her lab

In the begining...


The final details of the covenant location and creation was finished and added to the site. Character creation was completed for the remaining players. Some of the players had only played in a modern setting for Ars Magica where books are plentiful. So the setting where books are rare and vis is plentiful is a bit of a paradigm shift that is fun to watch.

Spring 1220 Activities

Tiresias: Learned Art of Memory from Airon
Anatola: Studied from the vim summa Magic for the Ages
Delios: Started the process of setting up a laboratory
Elytos: Started the process of setting up a laboratory
Petros: Started the process of setting up a laboratory

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