Nights on Olympus


Spring 1227

Tribunal occurred. The magi traveled to the Isle of Delos. They made some overtures to the magi of Aegaea about possibly selling them the Golden fleece. A price was not negotiated but there was definite interest. Elytis was given leads on some places where his parens had spent time in order to catalog the items that are missing from his effects. He also expressed interest in acquiring a wolf familiar from Coeris.

Elytis also arranged a deal to teach the apprentice of Tisiphon of Hedyosmos corpus in the fall for 7 pawns of vis.

Delios made a sacrifice to Dionysious at his ruined temple after speaking with the guardians of Apollo.

The issue of Vis poaching from the tribunal was brought up. Several members of the covenant agreed to help investigate the source of the poaching. It was believed that someone from within the Levant tribunal has been stealing close to a queen of vis over the last few years.

Ismael the undying was hired by Moreo’s Garden to cause trouble in Constantinople by assassinating various mundane rulers. He was sanctioned but not executed.



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