Aniketos Spartiate

House Tytalus, Deceased


Aniketos is said to have been a master of both Animal and Corpus magics. He specialized in the creation of guardian beasts, warping the flesh and abilities of normal beasts (and some say, failed apprentices) into fearsome curiosities.


Born: 1078, Lacedaemon
Died: 1202, Covenant of Hedyosmos

Like many Tytalus, Aniketos was a harsh parens and ran his apprentices through a rigorous training regimen he called agoge, after the Spartan system. He gained infamy when he was brought to Tribunal for his practice of training three apprentices at a time, only one of whom ever survived. Though cleared of any improprieties, he was promptly challenged to a series of Wizard’s Wars, from all of which he emerged triumphant and little worse for wear.

In 1198, he took on another cohort of apprentices, including an orphaned, almost feral, gypsy girl who would prove to be his downfall. In 1202, the girl used what little magic she had been taught to weaken the architecture of her paren’s sanctum and all of his magical prowess could not protect him from the stone walls that collapsed and crushed him in his sleep.

He is survived by five filii: Leonidas Spartiate Aniketopoulos, Theophania Spartiate Aniketopoulos, Alexi Aniketopoulos, Orestes Aniketopoulos, and Xenia Aniketopoulos.

Aniketos Spartiate

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