The Charred Watch



1. Concept:

Six potent warrior grogs accompany Stamos; each is the veteran of dozens of battles and a survivor of the Fourth Crusade. After Stamos, the six surviving members of the Charred Watch are Alaxarias, Basidoulos, Isaias, Michael, Romallos, and Theonysios. These men go where Stamos goes. They are equally dedicated to the protection of his ward, Zeno Allectoros.

2. House:

Not applicable

3. Virtues & Flaws:

The Charred Watch was once the elite military tacticians and personal guard of the last Byzantium king of Naxos. Charred Men swore fealty to the king in a ritual involving burning and scarification of the facial features. With this sacrifice, they foreswore their own familial and political aspirations and dedicated their lives to the king and his family as soldiers, guards, battle-hardened couriers, alchemists, philologists, and even spiritual advisors.

Vow [Minor Flaw, Personality]
Disfigured [Minor Flaw, General]
Educated [Minor virtue, General]

Following the establishment of the Venetian Duchy of Naxos, in the wake of the Fourth Crusade, Duke Marco Sanudo became the ruler of Naxos and its surrounding islands. It wasn’t until a decade later that Sanudo decided he must purge the court at Naxos of loyal Greeks and kill the native king (then confined to his villa on an island in the bay at Naxos’ capital, Hora). The entirety of the Charred Watch, which still existed in hiding, was among those sentenced to death. However, some surviving members of the Watch were able to steal away with the king’s infant heir in a daring escape. Now these burned men dedicate themselves to the restoration of the Byzantium throne through the ascension of their ward, Zeno Allectoros.

Outlaw [Major Flaw, Social Status]

The Charred Watch only selects large, tough youths for training.

Large [Minor Virtue, General]
Tough [Minor Virtue, General]

4. Characteristics:

For brevity, each of the six members of the Watch have the same set of Characteristics. They are strong, tough, and quick, but each is as socially powerless as one can expect from a disfigured sentinel.

Intelligence (0)
Perception (1)

Strength (3)
Stamina (3)

Presence (–3)
Communication (–3)

Dexterity (2)
Quickness (2)

5. Early Childhood:

Members of the Watch are Greek by nationality, each spoke Greek in his youth.

(5) Native Language: Romaic Greek (Cyclades Dialects)

(3) Awareness (Ambushes)

(1) Brawl (Dagger)
(1) Survival (Coastal Regions)
(1) Swim (Underwater)

6. Later Life (Educated):

The Watch members are old; there have been no replacements in the fifteen years since they fled Naxos. Out of the original 30 members, the seven who survived were about the same age as one another. Alaxarias, Basidoulos, Isaias, Michael, Romallos, and Theonysios are about 35 years old at the start of the chronicle.

Each member of the Charred Watch began his education at a young age; he learned the philosophies and sciences of warfare before he learned to swing a sword. Eventually, he learned to use every sort of weapon and to lead soldiers in doing the same.

(4) Dead Language: Latin (Alchemical Topics)
(6) Native Language: Romaic Greek (Cyclades Dialects)
(3) Artes Liberales (Composing Dispatches) [Classical Greek, Latin, Romaic Greek]
(3) Profession: Scribe (Codes and Ciphers)

(3) Craft: Alchemy (Greek Fire)
(2) Theology (Saints)
(1) Philosophiae (Moral Philosophy)

(3) Area Lore: Greece (Cyclades Islands)
(1) Carouse (With Soldiers)
(1) Etiquette (Around Those of Higher Station)
(3) Leadership (In Battle)

(1) Animal Handling (Horses)
(1) Athletics (Running)
(2) Ride (In Battle)
(2) Profession: Sailor (In Battle)

(2) Brawl (Dagger)
(2) Bows (Longbow)
(2) Great Weapon (Warhammer)
(6) Single Weapon (Long Sword)
(2) Thrown Weapon (Greek Fire Grenade)
(2) Siege Weapon (Greek Fire Siphon)

7. Apprenticeship:

Not applicable

8. After Apprenticeship:

Not applicable

9. Personality Traits:

Brave +3, Cunning +3, Loyal +3

10. Reputation:

To the “Latin-loyal people in the Cyclades,” each Charred Watchman is an Outlaw (2). (Outlaw, Social Status Flaw)

To “people in the Cyclades who dream of Byzantium resurgence,” each Charred Watchman is a Noble Freedom Fighter (1). (Vow, Personality Flaw)

11. Confidence:

Each Charred Watchman has Confidence Score of 1 and he has 3 starting Confidence Points. (No applicable Virtue or Flaw)

12. Equipment:

Each of the Charred Watchmen carries with him the dagger for protection. In battle, they each carry a long sword and hoplite shield (heater shield). They wear chain mail armor and their signature battle-scarred Corinthian helmets.

  • Dagger (Brawl Ability; +0 Init; +2 Atk; +0 Dfn; +3 Dam; –3 Str; 0 Load; Inexp. Cost)
  • Long Sword (Single Ability; +2 Init; +4 Atk; +1 Dfn; +6 Dam; 0 Str; 1 Load; Exp. Cost)
  • Heater Shield (Single Ability; +0 Init; +0 Atk; +3 Dfn; +0 Dam; 0 Str; 2 Load; Std. Cost)
  • Chain Mail (9 Prot; 6 Full Load; Exp. Cost)

(3) INITIATIVE TOTAL (2 Quickness; +2 Weapon Initiative Modifier; –1 Encumbrance)
2 Dexterity; 7 Combat Ability; +4 Weapon Attack Modifier)
2 Quickness; 7 Combat Ability; +4 Weapon Defense Modifier)
3 Strength; 6 Weapon Damage Modifier)
3 Stamina; +9 Armor Soak Bonus; +3 Tough Virtue)


The Charred Watch

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