Tiresias of Criamon

A Young Greek Criamon Magus on the Path of Seeming


Tiresias of Criamon is an affable, pleasant young man. He is thin and ascetic-looking. He would be reasonably average in form and features but for three things. First, he has no eyes. This disconcerting birth defect is typically concealed by a simple linen bandage covering the empty sockets. Second, he has shifting, tattoo-like marks upon the flesh of his face, neck and forehead. These marks occasionally appear on the palms of his hands as well. These stigmata, while disturbing to mundanes, are fairly typical of members of his House and reflect the esoteric knowledge of the Enigma that he has achieved. Third, and perhaps most disturbing, the shifting stigmata upon his flesh are reflected as glowing sigils in his shadow. While having no eyes and apparent tattoos could be explained to mundane people, this last feature typically cannot. Unsurprisingly, Tiresias tends to avoid the mundane world as much as possible, preferring the company of his fellow magi.

Amongst those magi, he is a lucid, quite-bright and reasonably erudite Criamon, capable of holding forth on matters of magical theory without much of the obscure abstraction of others of his House. Then again, he is still young and has yet to plumb too deeply into the Enigma. Despite his disabilities, or perhaps because of them, he has a strong sense of personal confidence, especially in regard to his eventual capacity to understand the mysteries of House Criamon. To compensate for his blindness, he has keenly developed his other senses to discern his surroundings and is capable of concentrating on a single sound within a cacophony.

Physically, a lifetime of ascetic meditation has left him rather weak when it comes to physical labor but long periods of ascetic deprivation have made him remarkably hardy. Long periods holding a single physical pose often make him slow and clumsy when he does have to move.

Magically, his parens, the famed Criamon Seeker Acamas, taught to Tiresias his own magical specialties of Imaginem and Mentem. Acamon also emphasized the techniques of Creo, Intellego, and Rego. Acamas’s teachings, which are well in line with the majority of House Criamon, are heavily pacifistic, and Tiresias would never consider using a weapon.


The child who was to grow to become Tiresias was born to covenfolk who lived within the potent magic aura of the covenant of Atreus’ Rest. Such auras are known to warp those who live within them, and the child’s parents were horrified to see that their child had been born without eyes. Maternal and paternal instincts withered, in part no doubt due to the infant’s Gift, and he was nearly left on a hillside to die. Fortunately, Acamas of Criamon, a magus of the covenant and a prominent Seeker, emerged from a labyrinth meditation with a vision of the child having been conceived in a dream by the Greek god Morpheus. He came forth from his sanctum to claim him.

Despite this claim, the child was not deemed suitable for apprenticeship until the age of ten, primarily (according to Acamas) to permit the properties of his mythic bloodline to blossom. The most obvious manifestation of the child’s birthright was a tendency toward nocturnal behavior but soon the child could be seen scampering through parts of the covenant he could not possibly have reached without supernatural aid. Once the child (who was never given a Christian name by his parents) learned a certain degree of self-sufficiency, notwithstanding his blindness, Acamas was ready to take him formally as an apprentice. Upon his tenth birthday, he was summoned before his master who asked him a single question: “What lies before your feet?” The child considered the answer and responded: “Silence, until I take a step.” This was deemed acceptable, and he was given the name Tiresias after the blind seer of Greek myth and his apprenticeship began.

Life in the covenant had already taught young Tiresias enough Latin to get by and so after a rudimentary basic education, his instruction in magic theory and the art of Imaginem began.

He took to it rapidly and well, and within a few years was ready to invent his first spell, a Muto Imaginem effect of the fourth magnitude that converted the visual species in the light around him into aural ones… effectively being able to “see” with his ears. He named the spell “Music of Vision” for that’s how he described hearing visual input… like a subtle music.

It wasn’t until the last two years of his apprenticeship that his studies took an interesting turn. He was contacted in his dreams by the dreaming spirit of a maga he thinks of as female who took the form of a phoenix. She invited him deep into the realm of dreams to the Vermilion Temple of Wistful Sighs, a palace made of emeralds floating above lemon clouds and a still, azure sea. This was the headquarters of the secretive Volshebnii Mechtateli, a mystery cult of dream wizards who look for promising new members from those about to be released from apprenticeship and induct them into the mysteries of dream magic. The cult had heard of the boy touched by the hand of Morpheus and sought him out. They were impressed by his abilities, not least of which was his uninitiated facility with dream magic. They inducted him into the cult as a sort of “mascot” and initiated him into even deeper secrets. At least once a season, Tiresias travels in his dreams to the Vermilion Temple to meet with others of the Cult, disguised in whatever dream-forms they choose. Tiresias has no knowledge of who any of them are in the waking world. Tiresias has just scratched the surface of what he can do in dreams and now that he is released he intends to develop this power while simultaneously continuing his meditations on the nature of reality upon the Criamon Path of Seeming.

Tiresias of Criamon

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