Tag: Companions


  • Stamos

    COMPANION DETAILED CHARACTER CREATION *1. Concept:* Stamos is the leader of a small cadre of elite warriors, on the run from the Latin conquerors, and dedicated to the preservation and ascension of the last Byzantium heir to the island state of …

  • Andreus

    Andreus spent most of his life in the Gorge of Apollon with the other villagers, descendants all from one of Apollo's liasons with a local nymph. Then the magi of Filii Jovis arrived and Andreus became smitten with the glorious vision that is the maga …

  • Litmus Maximus

    Intelligence: 1 Perception: 5 Strength: -3 Stamina: 2 Presence: -2 Communication: -2 Dexterity: 3 Quickness: 3 Size: 0