On the imposing slopes of Mount Minthe in Elis are the ruins of an ancient shrine to the dead. Underneath these ruins is the covenant of Hedyosmos. Located entirely underground, Hedyosmos consists of a series of tunnels and caves that twist underneath the mountain.


Ausculator of Guernicus
Aiakia of Guernicus
Nonna of Guernicus
Hypatios of Guernicus
Tisphon of Tytalus
Leonidas Spartiate Aniketopoulos of Tytalus
Alexi Aniketopoulos of Tytalus
Celaenea of Bonisagus


Hedyosmos is said to sit atop a gateway to the underworld and in times past was used for this purpose by heros wishing to sneak into the domain of Hades.


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