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Welcome to the Nights on Olympus wiki!

This Campaing will utilize a fair amount of player interaction and input in the creation of the world in which we all play.

Setting and Theme

Ars Magica is a game of wizards and magic. Even though the Magic theory of Bonisagus is versitile and powerful, it does not encompass all magic. Some would even say that the theory is flawed because of it’s limitations. Since the magic theory is limited, magi attempt to push it’s limits, discover new magics and incorporate them into hermetic theory.

The basic theme of the campaign will follow this paradigm. Discovery! As characters choose magical specialties, their interests will lend themselves to various existing mystery paths and cults. In addition they may wish to pursue investigating ancient magics, infernal knowledge, Divine powers or the secrets of Faeries. The pursuit of magical knowledge and discovery is the premise for the game.

The Thebes Tribunal provides the backdrop for the characters and their adventures. They will research, explore and toil in the shadow of Mount Olympus and under the weight of the history of western civilization.

Important Links

Filii Jovis

Inspiration for the Game

These are all things that have inspired me for this one way or another. In addition to the various works of fiction, I have included a set of references to various people, places, myths and culture from the “Classical” period.


You can view all the possible setting options here.

The Covenent of Filii Jovis is the home to the PCs.

Parens Bio

As a part of the character creation process each player should write a quick 1 paragraph about their parens. This can relate directly to your character’s apprenticship or be more about the magi and his personality. It should be written from the perspective of your character. These bios will be posted here.

Character Focus

To help players decide on the magical focus for there characters, I have summarized some of the core mystery types here. These summaries also include some suggestions for the type of Arts that are useful if pursuing one of these mystery paths.

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