Mystery Summaries

This is a quick summary of each of the various types of mysteries that are available in the game. Not all of them are currently practiced and not all of them are the perview of seperate cults. Some cults have access to some mystery virtues from one group and some from another. this is just a catagorization of the types of available mystery paths.

Hermetic Alchemy

As the name sounds, this is a collection of virtues that build upon one another to distill magical essences. It allows the “discovering” of new form and effect bonuses. Further down the path it allows the practitioner to distill different form vis from an aura and it maximize the amount of vis that can be distilled in a season. Finally, the practitioner can transform themselves into a creature of magic. This will effectively make the magi immortal. Suggested arts: Creo, Vim, Corpus.

Dream Magic

Dream magic works with the essence of dreams. It also allows a practitioner to actually enter their own dreams and the dreams of others. Much can be done within the dream realm including the use of dreams in prophecy and divination. Suggested arts: Imaginem, Mentem.

Hermetic Astrology

Concerns itself with the alignment of the stars and celestial magic. Astrology helps with the creation of horoscopes of others (which are arcane connections), Creating periapts which aid in lab work, and the use of celestial magic which gives additional durations and allows for finding the appropriate time for favorable spell casting. Astrology can also be used in conjunction with Divination. Suggested arts: Any. Suggested skills: Artes Liberalis (Astronomy)

Hermetic Spirit Magic

Practitioners of Spirit Magic learn to summon and manipulate unnamed magic spirits. In addition they are able to summon, control and drain the spirits of the dead. Further initiations will allow a practitioner to summon and bind a spirit as a familiar as well as converting oneself into a sentient spirit that is immortal.

Hermetic Theurgy

Summoning simple spirits of magic is all well and good for some, but not for those who practice Hermetic Theurgy. Theurgists manipulate the named spirits and use the power of those spirits to boost their own spells and abilities. Those who practice these secrets are able to bind aspects of magical spirits to themselves as familiars. And the enventual goal is to ascend to the hall of heroes and become an immortal magical spirit.

Arithmetic Magic

The power of numbers and mathmatics. Using mathmatical formulas to alter ranges, durations and targets. Using geometry and math to manipulate auras through the powers of perfect architecture and mystically aligning buildings and rooms. Practitioners are able to invent mini-spells called rotes that function as non-fatiguing spontaneous magic.

Mystery Summaries

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