Petros of Flambeau


Petros of House Flambeau

Saga: Nights on Olympus

Characteristics: Int 1, Per 3, Pre 3, Com +3, Str -3, Sta 3, Dex -3, Qik -3

Size: 0

Age: 35

Decrepitude: 0

Warping Score: 0 (0)

Confidence: 1 (3)

Virtues and Flaws: The Gift [Free Virtue, unclassified], Gentle Gift [Major Virtue, Hermetic], Hermetic Magus [Free Virtue, Social Status], Gift of Tongues [Minor Virtue, Heroic], Second Sight [Minor Virtue, Supernatural], Legacy [Minor Flaw, Story], Twilight Prone [Major Flaw, Hermetic], Bound Magic [Minor Flaw, Hermetic], Deficient Technique: Creo [Major Flaw, Hermetic], Deficient Form: Ignem [Major Flaw, Hermetic], Skilled Parens [Minor Virtue, Hermetic], Minor Magical Focus: Destroying Magic [Minor Virtue, Hermetic], Affinity with Art: Perdo [Minor Virtue, Hermetic], Affinity with Art: Vim [Minor Virtue, Hermetic], Deft Form: Vim [Minor Virtue, Hermetic], Dutybound [Minor Flaw, Personality], Arcane Lore [Minor Virtue, General]

Personality Traits: Cheerful +3, Scheming +3, Sociable +3

Reputations: The “magi of House Flambeau” expect a great deal of someone directly related to the founder. Petros has a positive Reputation as being Magically Potent (3). (Legacy, Story Flaw).

Abilities: Artes Liberales (Ritual Magic) [Classical Greek] (1); Awareness (Human Speech and Gestures) (3); Bargain (Non-Merchants) (3); Carouse (Soldiers) (1); Charm (First Impressions) (1); Code of Hermes (Wizard’s Marches) (1); Dominion Lore (History of Miracles) (1); Etiquette (Court and Courtiers) (1); Faerie Lore (Island Fae) (1); Folk Ken (Body Language) (1); Guile (Fast Talk) (1); Infernal Lore (Curses) (1); Intrigue (Political Dangers) (1); Leadership (Men at Arms) (1); Magic Lore (Non-Hermetic Traditions) (1); Magic Theory (Vim) (5); Native Language: Romaic Greek (Diplomacy) (6); Organization Lore: Church (Byzantium Hierarchy) (1); Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (Politics) (1); Parma Magica (Mentem) (3); Penetration (Vim) (5); Second Sight (Invisibility) (5); Spell Mastery: The Mundane Man 40 [Magic Resistance, Multiple Casting, Obfuscated Casting, Penetration, Unraveling] (5); Theology (Crusades) (1)

Arts: Pe 15, Vi 15

Spells Known: And The Lord Taketh Away (PeVi 40), Masking the Odor of Magic (PeVi 30), The Mundane Man (PeVi 40), Unraveling the Fabric of Mentem (PeVi 40)

Equipment: Wand (mundane)


Petros of Flambeau

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