Delios Notes

Delios’ Notes & Important Things to Remember:
Filii Jovis
Covenant Charter
Seasons of Service
Vis Stores
Spring 1228
Travel: Lavant
We all travel to the Lavant as part of our covenants Scooby adventure.

Winter 1227
Item Creation: Windy Sales
Delios makes Windy Sales for our covenant’s ship. This will help the ship be always speedy in it’s travel.

Autumn 1227
Exp: Adventure XP +8 for locating boons
Delios goes on an adventure into the Labrynth with Andreus, Tiresias of Criamon, and Sclavo da Riva. After which they travel to the Cave of Zeus, a Harvest Festival and more grabbing various boons as we go. Upon returning to Poseidan’s Palace at the end of the fall season Delios performs a ritual with Lucian and is initiated into the Children of Olympos and has acquired the following flaw & virtues:

  • Acquired Flaw: Susceptibility to Fairy Power
  • Acquired Virture: Elysian Ecstasy (Supernatural Virture)

Summer 1227
Book: Elysian Pacts of Dionysus
Delios goes to visit Poseidon’s Palace to study with Lucian. He talks to me and we wander through the halls of the palace and happen upon the library. Lucian reaches up and grabs “Elysian Pacts of Dionysus” (Fairy Lore Lvl 5 Q12). The book gives a lot of information on Dionysus and his sympathetic traits. There are sub-chapters in the book that detail out sympathetic traits of the other 11 deities. Lucian tasks Delios with getting a boon from each of 12 beings associated with each of the 12 deities. We will then conclude Autumn with a ritual.

Anatola Tethys of Bjornaer visits Atreus’ Rest and then heads to Germany for The Gathering of the Twelve Years.

Spring 1227
Book: Magic of the Ages
We make our way to Tribunal on a boat. We arrive and Anatola and Delios seek out Lucian to honor their pledge of support. He asks for our help in ensuring that a House Flambeau magi named Ismael the Undying is not executed for his crimes. He is also up for membership, but this is not a concern one way or the other. Additionally he seeks support in the Constantinople issue – Morea’s garden is fighting a war against Venetian’s there. They are seeking an official sanction against the Venetian’s allowing for a more formal war. Lucian is not in favor of such a formalized war.

Delios, Anatola, Elytis and Tiresias of Criamon trek out along the island to seek out the temple to Dionysus. We arrive at the crumbling ruins, Delios pours out some wine. Tiresias’ familiar speaks with a spirit lady who protects the island with her sisters (a total of 3).

Winter 1227
Lab: Assist Elytis in making Key To Travel
Winter passes peacefully enough with no visits from serpents, Jason or those pesky Argonauts. Elytis, Anatola and Delios make the Key To Travel. We divide out the Vis stores for the year. Delios owes Elytis and Anatola a season for this work.

Autumn 1227
Book: The Form is Fluid
It is unseasonably stormy this Autumn. Delios makes arrangements with Elytis and Anatola to create a Key to Travel in Winter of 1227. She offers both of them a season in return that they can cash in at a future time. Litmus goes out with Anatola Tethys of Bjornaer and Tiresias of Criamon to investigate the wolves that appeared to have injured our grogs. In doing so they discover an unnatural forest and a fairy aura outside the covenant. We decide that this is caused by the Golden Fleece. After much discussion on whether we should keep or sell the fleece, we decide we should hang onto it for at least another year and see what else we can learn.

Summer 1226
Book: The Stories of Dionysus
Delios goes to visit Lucian again the Palace of Poseidon and continues to read more about Dionysus. Lucian offers assistance in teaching specific techniques & rituals to get one closer to their God. They agree to set aside Summer & Fall of 1227 for these teachings.

Spring 1226
Book: The Form is Fluid
We divide the vis stores according to our Covenant Charter. Delios & Andreus go to the Glade of the Dancing Nymphs for a romantic picnic. While there Delios acquired a stone to help create an object of transportation.

Winter 1225
Book: Birthing the Heir of Magic
Litmus, Andreus and Scalvo go out adventuring on the island over winter. Delios tasks Andreus and Litmus with locating a magical location ready for romance. Andreus reports back that such a place exists near to his homeland and is quite beautiful with a bubbling brook, ready for a picnic, and love! They plan to go visit in Spring. We will call it the Glade of the Dancing Nymphs.

Fall 1225
Book: The Drowned Twilight

Summer 1225
Book: Guarding Truth from Sight
Anotola & Delios each receive letters from Lucian gently reminding us that we will help with votes at tribunal in 2 years.

Spring 1225
Book: Birthing the Heir of Magic

Winter 1224
Book: Fogging the Perception
Delios continues to ruminate on Fairy Lore and feels another trip to Poseidon’s Palace may be needed. She continues to study Imaginem.

Autumn 1224
Book: Fogging the Perception
We went to Gnossis in Autumn to try to find Marcus because Tiresias had a dream that he needed rescuing. We were able to successfully find him and leave without injury or loss of time.

Summer 1224
Book: The Stories of Dionysis
The time has come to visit Poseidon’s Palace. We hop in Niko’s dilapidated boat and head out to sea. In the middle of the ocean he pulls out a Conch Shell and blows a resounding sound. A large bubble arrives and takes us down into the sea. We find the ocean bottom and start being pushed along toward a magical regio of awesome seascape. Delios discusses with Lucian her interest in exploring methods to get closer to the gods. Lucian, Delios and Anatola go for a walk and find a room filled with books. He hands Delios a book on The Stories of Dionysus he then hands a book to Anatola on The Tales of Jason. They are both: Summa Level 4, Quality 12.

Spring 1224
Read: The Drowned Twilight
Elytis visits Atreus Rest and picks up many books for our collective library that each of us contributed 4 pawns of vis for. We notice a special sapling growing where we planted the magic Creo Apple.

Winter 1223
Read: The Drowned Twilight
It was a quiet season with most magi quietly reading in their sanctums.

Autumn 1223
Read: Parry the Magical Spear
Stamos presents a proposal to the covenant to seek assistance in arming the resistance. Litmus spends time investigating magic items (Galdius, Walking Stick, Oil Lamp, 3 Clay Statues of Women, Golden Fleece) and strengthening his magical sensitivity. Nothing special about the walking stick or oil lamp. The three statues are special, they are creo vis as well as hold some significance toward renewal or rebirth. The Golden Fleece is magical, it has several effects of regeneration and a very strong magical projection.

On the first moonless night of Autumn a ghostly swordsman wearing full chain and greatswords appears to Litmus pointing at the Gladius. Litmus grabs the Gladius and runs out into the Covenant. He runs into Andreus who slays him. The following month on the new moon, Litmus is again visited by the ghostly swordsman. They exchange wounds, but eventually Andreus slays him again. The sword is returned to Delios whom the on the following new moon slays the ghostly swordsman with her superior Parma & Mentum. She has earned the right to have the Sword of Mars.

Delios receives a letter from Lucian the Scholar from House Marineta – invitation to visit his covenant and learn more of his research on gods at Poseidon’s Palace (POSEIDON). Delios send a note back indicating that she would like to visit in Summer of 1224 if the timing is acceptable to Lucian and inquires if it would be alright to invite her covenant to join for their own personal interest and curiosity.

Summer 1223
Read: Parry the Magical Spear
Litmus continues to survey the island and catalog the finding he discovers. He is joined by Anatola and Andreus. Having already discovered the Glade of Apollo and Mt. Zeus, they are excited to see what other wonders exist. The Ruins of Knossos just outside the city have a magical presence and aura. Delios goes to visit Atreus’ Rest to deliver the serpent heart to Minerva. Abelard and Sclavo join her in the journey. Upon arrival she meets with Minerva and gives her the heart. Minerva offers a magical Gladius to Delios in exchange. Delios spends time investigating the Public Library and inquiring with Minerva on additional book opportunities fro the member’s private collections.

The covenant decides to go explore the Ruins of Knossos and the magi determine that there is a regio. Upon walking into the Palace, they start looking around and find a room that has been slept in and lit by candles. The discover a Magi who has been lost in the labyrinth for 16 years.

Spring 1223
Read: Parry the Magical Spear
The covenant members spends much time studying and conducting activity at the covenant. Ancaeus comes to visit to collect the blood. Delios forwards a letter to indicate that she will deliver the heart in person.

Winter 1222
Adventure: Concentration
A group of covenant members (Delios, Litmus, Anatola, Elytis, Petros, Stamos, Tiresias, and Andreus) head out on the harsh winter high seas on a privateer. We break through the storm and arrive in a strange and foreign place – Litmus senses that it’s strength increases as we head further into the center of the island. The group heads in and confronts 3 fairy wolves. Upon their death they continue forward to find a large apple tree with a significantly large snake coiled around it. Through much fighting and effort, the group eventually took down the mighty serpent and collected many great treasures.

Autumn 1222
Read: Parry the Magical Spear
The group is putting together final preparations for their trip out to seek the missing island and the magical hydra. Poor Litmus was discovered to be a Lycanthrope when the covenant locked him in a special “pit” disguised as a nice room to monitor his transformations. Litmus spends the Autumn season surveying the land around the covenant.

Summer 1222
Read: Magic of the Ages
Litmus & Andreus head out around Crete to seek out additional Vis sources and locate the Cave of Zeus on Mt. Ida.

Spring 1222
Spell: Piercing the Fairy Veil
We divide up our annual Vis stores. Niko our Redcap arrives with three packages. Two are the books/spells we ordered, one is for Delios. Atreus’ Rest send us a “request” to go seek out a hidden island and find an artifact within a grove of trees. Delios’ letter states that Atreus’ Rest need a creature’s heart & as much of it’s blood. Included is a small map of the potential area and some research materials. Signed, Minerva. Inside the package are two books “Interactions of Regios and Magical Creatures” – a two part tractatus on magic lore/fairy lore. Quality 10. The second book is a Lab Text with a Spell called “Piercing the Fairy Veil” InVi20. Tiresias of Criamon has a dream wherein his parens visits him and hands off a book. Toward the mid/end of Spring Demitrius brings Litmus Maximus to the covenant.

Winter 1221
Read: Parry the Magical Spear
Stamos arrives at the covenant and is put to work. Petros casts the Aegis of the Hearth for us.

Autumn 1221
Read: Parry the Magical Spear
Some of our Companions arrive. Andreus arrives at the covenant serenading Delios and trying to win her affection. Abelard and Sclavo (two cousins of varying sizes) are brought to the covenant by Demtrios as a possible money making scheme for our poor band of fellows.

Summer 1221
Service: Transcribing Grimmoire
Our redcap comes for a visit with news from the Covenant Literatus. They would be willing to share access to their spell library. We also get a letter from Rellantali Covenant. They are willing to rapidly scribe books for us. In Petros’ absence, we determine several Summa and Tractati that we would like to purchase for Rellantali. Petros owes the group 4 pawns of Vis (one each) for these books. Delios transcribes these spells to add to the covenant library, in exchange for a Season of Service:

  • Phantasm of the Human Group CrIm30
  • Memory of the Distant Dream CrMe25
  • Footsteps of Slippery Oil CrAq5
  • Jupiter’s Resounding Blow CrAu10
  • Healing Touch CrCo20
  • Lamp without Flame CrIg10

Spring 1221
Study: Creo from Vis
Tiresias spends time starving himself in a cave, while Petros goes off on a detective adventure.

Winter 1220
Read: The Genius of Bonisagus, again
Petros uses his own vis stores and sets the Aegis of the Hearth. We conduct our annual vis distribution and he is paid back. As well several vis are added to the Covenant Vis Stores.

Autumn 1220
Read: The Genius of Bonisagus
Delios and Petros go into the village to talk with a shop keeper about our lordship status.
We have a covenant meeting to discuss vis and Aegis of the Hearth. Tiresias wants to discuss whether we should borrow Vim vis from Petros to cast an Aegis of Hearth or go another year without an Aegis. We also discuss vis distribution. We discuss that we should pull out Aegis vis (double for 3 years) and then split the remainder by 6 (1/6th for each of the covenant members and 1/6th for the covenant stores). We vote and approve adding this to the Covenant Charter.

Summer 1220
Set-up lab – Part Two
We decided on a Covenant Charter that includes seasons of service & quorum.

Spring 1220
Set-up lab – Part One

Delios Notes

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