Filii Jovis

Covenant Charter
Seasons of Service


A former monastery set on a bluff overlooking the Sea of Crete, roughly halfway between Knossos and Chanea. It was the home to a group of Orthadox monks whom were interested in natural magic and science. It was built on a site that was once a small temple dedicated to Poseidon. Years of sacrifices, rituals and the practicing of natural magic has left the site with an Magical aura of 4. The site was abandoned after the coming of the Venetians during the 4th crusade.


A walled monastery with a bell tower, stable and main monastic building.

- The entire site is surrounded by a strong stone wall of about 10 ft tall and 2 ft thick.

- The stable is large enough to house 6 horses.

- The main building is large enough to support 7 sanctums and laboratories, as well as the living quarters for up to 20 additional residents. It contains a large library room, kitchen and common dining hall.


Petros of Flambeau
Elytis of Tremere
Anatola Tethys of Bjornaer
Tiresias of Criamon
Delios Abadakis of Bonisagus


Arion: The spirit of one of the former monastic residents. He “haunts” the monastary and has entered into a bargain with the covenent. In return for occasional philosophical discussions and evenings spent stargazing, he will act as the covenant patron as well as teach his not inconsiderable knowledge to the residents. Airon has Communication +5, a total bonus of +19 when teaching a single student.

Scholastic Abilities:
Artes Liberalis: 5
Art of Memory: 5
Bargain: 5
Concentration: 5
Philosophae: 5
Teaching: 5

Arabic: 5
Greek, Ancient: 5
Greek, Romaic: 5
Hebrew: 5
Latin: 5
Turkish: 5




Birthing the Heir of Magic – Summa – Creo (Lvl 12 Q 10)
Dreams of the Maker – Tractatus – Creo (Q 12)
Genesis – Tractatus – Creo (Q 12)

Elevating the Senses – Summa – Intelligo (Lvl 9 Q 14)
Perceiving the Faerie Trods – Tractatus – Intelligo (Q 11)

The Form is Fluid – Summa – Muto (Lvl 10 Q 8)
The Malleable Form – Summa – Muto (Lvl 5 Q 15)
The Malleable Form – Summa – Muto (Lvl 5 Q 15) (Arabic)
The Malleable Form – Summa – Muto (Lvl 5 Q 15) (L)

Gathering the Storm – Summa – Rego (Lvl 15 Q 15)

Sea Creatures Vm 1 Summa – Animal (Lvl 8, Q12)

The Drowned Twilight – Summa – Aquam (Lvl 9 Q 9) (L)

Claiming the Reaper’s Due – Summa – Corpus (Lvl 10 Q 12)
A Healer’s Primer – Tractatus – Corpus (Q 12)

Fogging the Perception – Summa – Imaginem (Lvl 11 Q 11)
Guarding Truth from Sight – Tractatus – Imaginem (Q 12)

Mechanisms of The Mind – Summa – Mentem (Lvl 9 Q 15)
Molding Memories – Tractatus – Mentem (Q 11)

Indomitable Rock – Summa – Terram (Lvl10, Q 8)

Magic for the Ages – Summa – Vim (Lvl 15 Q 15)

Denting the Shield – Summa – Penetration (Lvl 6 Q 17)
Genius of Bonisagus – Summa – Magic Theory (Lvl 6 Q 17)
Parry the Magical Spear – Summa – Parma Magica (Lvl 6 Q 17)
Interactions of Regios and Magical Creatures – Tractatus – (Q 10) – Magic Lore Faerie Lore
Legends and Tales of the Greek Isles – Tractatus – (Q 12) – Philosophaie
Meditations on the Function of the Labyrinth of Daedalus – Tractatus – (Q 9) – Magic Lore

Lab texts

Creeping Oil (CrAq Lvl 15) (L)
Footsteps of Slippery Oil (CrAq Lvl 5)

Broom of the Winds (CrAu Lvl 15) (L)
Charge of the Angry Winds (CrAu Lvl 15) (L)
Circling Winds of Protection (CrAu : Re Lvl 20) (L)
Incantation of Lighting (CrAu Lvl 35) (L)
Jupiter’s Resounding Blow (CrAu Lvl 10)

Healing Touch (CrCo Lvl 20)

Lamp without Flame (CrIg Lvl 10)

Phantasm of the Human Form (CrIm Lvl 25) (L)
Phantasm of the Human Group (CrIm Lvl 30)
Shadow of Human Life (CrIm Lvl 40) (L)
Ear for Distant Voices (InIm Lvl 20)
Image from the Wizard Torn (Re(In)Im Lvl 30)
Music of Vision (MuIm Lvl 20) (Custom – Converts sound to visual stimuli)

The Gift of Reason (CrMe Lvl 35) (L)
Weight of a Thousand Hells (CrMe Lvl 25) (L)
Memory of the Distant Dream (CrMe Lvl 25)
Memory Palace of the Sage (CrMe Lvl 25)
Peering Into the Mortal Mind (InMe Lvl 30)
Enslave the Mortal Mind (ReMe LvL 40) (L)

Unraveling the Fabric of Mentem (PeVi Lvl 40)
The Mundane Man (PeVi Lvl 40)
And the Lord Taketh Away (PeVi Lvl 40)
Watching Ward (ReVi Lvl 25) (L)
Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi Lvl 25)
Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi Lvl 35) (L)
Gather the Essence of the Beast (ReVi Lvl 15) (L)

Vis Sources

Creo – 5
Intelligo – 5
Perdo – 3
Rego – 5
Aquam, – 5
Auram – 2-3
Corpus – 5
Imaginem – 5
Mentem – 5
Vim – 10

Vis Stores

Hooks and Boons

Beholden -3
Aura +2
Fortification +1

Filii Jovis

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